• 1 Crude Oil & Petroleum
    Is a natural product that is extracted from mineral deposits and consists essentially of many different non-aromatic hydrocarbons (paraffinic, cyclonic, etc.).
  • 2 Electricity Production
    Is the flow of electrical power or charge and one of our most widely used forms of energy. Electricity is a secondary energy source, also referred to as an energy carrier. Electricity is produce from the conversion of other sources of energy such as coal, gas or solar energy.
  • 3 Natural Gas
    Is a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons (mainly methane), which occurs in either gas fields or in association with crude oil in oil fields.
  • 4 Coal & Coke
    Solid fuels consisting essentially of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. Coal in the energy balance is mainly bituminous coal and some anthracite. Coke is obtained from coal by heating at high temperature in the absence of air.
  • 5 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
    Commercial LPG consists essentially of a mixture of propane and butane gases which are held in the liquid state by pressure or refrigeration.
  • 6 Hydropower
    Is the inferred primary energy available for electricity production and is shown in terms of conventional fossil fuel equivalent using the average thermal efficiency of conversion for the year.

Introduction to Malaysia Energy Information Hub

The Malaysia Energy Information Hub (MEIH) serves to establish a comprehensive national energy database to support the dissemination and distribution of energy statistics in Malaysia to local and international stakeholders and the public. MEIH is a portal undertaken and managed by the Energy Commission (EC) of Malaysia.

Objectives of MEIH

  • To establish a comprehensive national energy database to provide timely energy statistics and support for National Energy Planning
  • To help EC achieve its organisational objectives and to assist EC in building the necessary capabilities as to become a "one-stop energy statistics center" responding to enquiries and requests from the public and private sectors regarding the country's energy data
  • To develop, maintain and update a computerised information system including an energy databank
  • To establish a mechanism which ensures all data and information relevant to energy planning and energy indicators are deposited in the energy database system
  • To co-ordinate, compile and assist in the publication of energy statistics and to undertake appropriate studies on its own or in collaboration with other energy centers
  • To develop in-house capabilities/expertise in energy forecast and modeling system for the short and long-term energy outlook
  • To undertake energy end-use forecasting, energy demand/supply planning and development and feasibility studies to assist both public and private sector organisations in formulating effective energy strategies and project implementation.

Within MEIH

  • Energy data from National Energy Balance (NEB) publication
  • Data submission from NEB data providers (will be launched later)
  • Electricity data on the performance of electricity supply industry in Malaysia
  • Statistics of piped gas distribution industry in Malaysia


  Users of MEIH  Uses of MEIH
 Regulators Energy policy development
 Energy Professionals Energy industry planning and development
 Planners Energy security risk management
 Investor Analyst Energy standards development
 Industry Players Environmental policy development
 NGOs Energy industry performance monitoring
 General Public Energy investment analysis
 Researchers General knowledge on energy sector
 Energy Data Centre Energy efficiency and conservation

Analysis from MEIH

  • Energy supply mix
  • Self-reliance in supply
  • Share of renewable energies in supply  (primary energy supply or electricity generation fuel mix)
  • Efficiency of electricity generation
  • Electricity generation mix
  • Refining efficiency
  • Overall energy transformation efficiency
  • Per capita consumption of primary energy and final energy
  • Energy intensity and elasticity

Polls - Alternative Energy Polls - Alternative Energy

Would you prefer the government to increase, decrease, or not change the financial support and incentives it gives for producing energy from alternative sources such as wind and solar?

Survey Survey

Pilot Survey on Road Transport Sector   
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Survey on Customer Satisfaction to Assess the Service Level Provided by Electricity Utility Company (2014)
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